December 09, 2011

healing right before our very eyes

my wife and I have been working with a group of teenagers at Church for a couple of months.  much of what we have emphasized has been fundamental stuff - Lordship, Love and the Kingdom of God.  we've been teaching them what the Kingdom looks like - when there are sick, it looks like healing.  when there are the demonized, it looks like them getting set free.  it looks like God speaking prophetically.  it looks like those who are rejected, being loved.

we've done some praying for the sick and also we've shared a number of testimonies throughout the weeks of people being healed.  today was a golden opportunity to "swing the bat" as one of our youth limped in and could barely walk.  a bad collision in his basketball game had left his knee swollen, painful and unable to be bent.

one of the youth join me and we began to pray.  after the first prayer, he said it felt "cold" (not the thing that happens when people are laying hands on you in a warm room).  after the second prayer, the same sensation.  I had him get up and begin to walk to test it out.  It was still painful.  He was walking with a significant limp and still was in pain, but as he walked, it looked like it was getting better.  Back to prayer once last time.  We prayed again and spoke "peace" to those inflamed areas.   Then before a group of teens (some who haven't seen this kind of dramatic healing), he got up and began to walk normally.  He turned around in total disbelieve.  He knew that God has touched him.  That was enough though.  He knew that what he had to do was to try to go up and down stairs, something he couldn't do at all before.  He leaves the room and then returns with a huge smile on his face.  No pain, no problems on the stairs!

it was a glorious morning.  as teachers to these youth, we realized that more was "learned" in what happened than we could have ever taught them.  

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  1. Praise God for His healing hand upon this young man! What a perfect way for our Redeemer to demonstrate His power and love to a hungry soul.

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Dave!