February 19, 2012

a healing during healing testimonies

every week when we have our "Encounter God" meeting we have a time to share about the miracles that people saw/experienced/witnessed during the previous week.

this was an amazing testimony time - there were healings that happened all over the city through a number of different people in our community.  I'll have to say that nothing is more encouraging than to see people walking in their destiny and releasing the Kingdom.  It was a glorious time!

during the testimony time, I got a word of knowledge about a shoulder issue.  I was prompted to share what had happened with the Muslim man whose shoulder was healed the night before.  One of our visitors had a "golf-ball sized" lump on her shoulder that was hurting.  The even shared that when her husband put his arm around her she winced in pain.  I shared the testimony and then we prayed.  We prayed once and most of the pain left.  We prayed again and to this woman's complete shock ALL the pain was gone and the lump shrunk about 90%.  She was speechless.  It was an incredible healing.

After that there were many other words of knowledge given and other conditions were healed during the meeting.

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