March 18, 2012

Kingdom comes in Lebanon - in stores and restaurants (part 2)

while in one supermarket, Isaac got a word of knowledge for an employee - a tooth problem.  we prayed for him and he told us all the pain left.

late one night we offered to pray for any and all of the employees in this one restaurant.  we got to minister to one guy who was healed of a couple of conditions.  we also got to pray for a muslim employees whose headache didn't seem to want to go.  finally when one of our Lebanese friends prayed with him, he actually began to cry.  Don't know if the headache left, but know that the Kingdom touched him.

in another restaurant, while with a Maronite priest, the Lord gave us a word of knowledge for a women's neck problem.  we prayed and she was healed.

in an appliance store, many things happened.  words of knowledge and prophetic words began coming which always seem to open doors.  we got to pray for 6-8 different people, and saw some significant healings - a wrist that had been broken three times was healed and a jaw problem of 15 years healed.  some of the prophetic words that came were very accurate and encouraged the people who received them.  Isaac probably prophesied over 1/2 of the employees (or so it seemed). Whereas most of the people were Christians in this shop, a couple of the people we ministered to were muslims as well.  we had a couple of Lebanese with us who gave their phone numbers.  a lot of follow up will be going on.  

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