April 28, 2012

kingdom healings in a deteriorating Middle East

in some ways the Middle East is a deteriorating mess, but then we are seeing THE KINGDOM increasing! in a Kingdom atmosphere last night there were some fun healings - the words of knowledge starting coming and partial deafness was healed. one word came about a glad issue and one of our community was sick at home with swollen glands in the neck. we prayed for her over the phone and all the pain left her! headaches in particular areas were called out - healed. shoulder pain called out and healed. such an atmosphere of encounter. many prophetic dreams were shared that had been received in the previous week. others had visions. one encountered an angel in the meeting.

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  1. kcasbourne@gmail.comMay 19, 2012

    May God richly bless you in the area you are and convict you to press on! At all cost, for the Kingdon work, and may He also protect you, continue to seek the Spirit for His Gifts, and he WILL SHOW UP. The one angel priveledged enough to be with you must now share with all who will hear what he has seen! He can do no less! I am in the northern USA, where we have increasing Somalis. Id say they see much the same as noted in your previous post...as for me and my house, we will serve Him!