April 22, 2012

Syrian muslim woman healed

while looking at watches in a store, I got a word of knowledge for a foot/ankle problem that was for a Moroccan muslim employee.  he said he had an injury there, but that it wasn't hurting and didn't need prayer.  his co-worker, a muslim woman from Syria, however was extremely interested in how I knew that he had the problem.  I explained that it was one of the ways God speaks.  I knew the Lord had really gotten her attention and I asked Him if He would give me a word for her.  Then I got another word of knowledge about a shoulder/neck issue and asked her about it.  She had the problem and was absolutely shocked.  as is often the case, muslims are often most amazed that God has spoken than about the healing miracle that follows.

thankfully my wife was nearby and so I waited for her to arrive.  she prayed for the woman and the Lord completely healed her.  she was so thankful and so hungry.  her reaction was exactly what you want to see.  full of gratitude and amazed by God's touch.  my wife is excited to follow up with this woman who has so clearly encountered the Kingdom.  may she be interested in learning about the King Himself!

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