September 16, 2012

muslim woman's ankle gets radically healed

I was at a physical therapy center when I noticed the muslim woman responsible for scheduling appointments was limping.  I asked her what was wrong and she said her ankle was hurting so badly that she couldn't walk without a lot of pain.  It was a bit crowded so I asked if I could speak with her for a moment.  I told her that when I ask God to heal people He does and asked if I could ask God to heal her ankle.  She said, "Of course!"  She let me put my hand on her ankle.  I then commanded the pain to go and released the peace of God praying clearly in the Name of Jesus.  Immediately the pain left and she could move it around while she was still sitting.  She was so shocked and so excited about what had just happened.  She knew she was completely healed even before getting up and walking on it.  She got up and began walking around saying "Oh, my God. The pain is gone. There is no pain.  Thank you. Thank you."  It was clear she was about to tell all of the others what God had just done for her. I will see her in the next few days and will be able to follow up.  I'm super excited to see her again and hear about all that has happened.  

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