October 13, 2012

"Kingdom Appointments" with Muslims and Hindus

I'd been needing to get new tires and my breaks done on my car and that means a trip to the industrial part of the city where there are a sea of men from all over the world.  I found a place and they had a small waiting area for customers – which turned out to be a perfect place for "Kingdom appointments".  I didn't start with any specific words of knowledge – I just asked the Indian muslim who was in charge if anyone needed healing.  Within a matter of minutes, he brings me a hindu co-worker who has a back problem and an elbow condition.  Both were healed.  At this point, the muslim man became my advocate going and bringing me person after person – he had had some experience with Christians before back in India and seemed very encourage with all that God was doing!  

Next he brings me a Syrian muslim man who has a back condition and a shoulder problem – I was able to pray for both of these conditions in Arabic (it had been mostly English up till this point with the Indians) and at least his shoulder was healed – a sharp pain left that he didn't know the cause/source of.  His back he told me he'd have to wait and see after working on his feet (awaiting that report).

Then a Pakistani muslim man came who I spoke Arabic with – he came with back pain which the Lord took away after prayer.  He also wondered if there had been some kind of a curse put on him.  I waited on the Lord and I was shown unforgiveness that was from 10 years earlier and that the person limped with a problem with their left hip.  Thank the Lord it was right! And he was very encouraged that the Lord revealed that information.

The Indian muslim man came back and the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about hearing loss – he told me that it was for his wife back in India.  I was able to get him on the phone with one of our Hindi speaking community members and we are setting up a "Skype Miracle appointment" for later this week.  It will also be a great opportunity to get all the updates on his employees and allow him to hear the Gospel more clearly in his own language.  

Finally another muslim man came (either Indian or Pakistani) who had a broken finger and couldn't really bend his index finger – after praying two or three times, one of the knuckles had full movement restored with no pain.  One was still frozen – I will check up on him tomorrow.

Before I left the hindu man came back for more prayer for his back and legs that bothered him when he slept.  I am waiting to hear what happens with that.

In the end, it was so great to see God heal one and then it was like the dominoes fell – mostly muslims and one hindu coming to a Christian for prayer and prophetic ministry.  They heard clear declarations of the Lordship of Christ as I prayed in Jesus' Name, making reference to His Kingdom and the Power of His Blood and the Cross.  For all of them it was clearly a time of sowing and for God to demonstrate His Power and Love to these precious men in this islamic country.

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