December 23, 2012

Christmas Presents for Muslims - Part 1

Yesterday we had Kingdom-minded, prophetic group arrive from the U.S. to see what God might do as we seek to demonstrate the God's love in supernatural ways to whoever we meet, wherever we go, whenever we are out.  Even as they were jet-lagged, we headed out yesterday to see what kind of "Christmas presents" we might deliver to the different muslims we would meet.  The men went in one direction, the women in another (I'll have Desert Princess share their stories) and over the course of the next few days, I'll be blogging about our adventures together in two different muslim countries.

Isaac of Ninevah, myself and three others headed out. One place we stopped to have some tea was where we were able to pray for our first person.  We had offered to our servers to help anybody who had pain.  An Iranian muslim employee was the first one we saw God touch.  He had pain in his left foot, particularly in his big toe.  I laid hands on his foot and prayed quickly commanding the pain to go in Jesus' Name. He told me that all the pain left.  This was later confirmed as I put him on the phone to one of our community who speaks Farsi (I had spoken to him and prayed for him in Arabic, but that was his second language) who told me that he recounted what had happened to him and his healing over the phone.  I gave my friend's phone number to this man.  After seeing him healed, as we were leaving the some of the Egyptian muslim employees called me over to pray for another man and I had him lay hands on himself (he had chronic headaches) and prayed the Lord's prayer in Arabic, personalizing it with his particular name and condition.  I'm not sure what happened with regards to his headaches because he didn't have one at the time I prayed; however, I know that the reason they stopped me and asked me to pray for him was because they had seen and heard the testimony of the Iranian man's healing.  We absolutely love referrals!

As we were heading back to our cars, I saw a Gulf Arab muslim man walking with a cane.  Two of us approached him and two other men, who happened to be from Bahrain.  He asked why I had stopped him and was inquiring about his condition.  He had a knee injury from playing soccer many years earlier.  I explained that, "In our faith, whenever we see someone who is sick or hurting, it is incumbent upon us to pray for them that God would heal them".  One of the men from Bahrain, who seemed the most interested asked me, "So you can heal the sick"?  I explained that of course by ourselves we can heal no one but God heals people when we pray.  I asked the injured man to give me his hand and I prayed in the Name of Jesus that he would be healed.  I then asked him to test it out and he walked a bit and said there wasn't any difference.  I spoke with him a little bit about the importance of faith and then sensed that the encounter was over.  I would have liked to pray again, but I didn't sense I could go any further.  I had given these men my phone number and I trust that they will call me back especially if something more happens to the man's knee in the wake of our prayer (sometimes we have seen muslims healed like that).  While praying for him, Isaac and the others had been ministering to another muslim man who was healed (I don’t know the details) and another Gulf Arab muslim who had been watching had a need he wanted prayer for.  His son has been unable to walk his entire life (the son is now 15 years-old) and we will go to his house and pray for him in the next couple of days.  Again, the effect of him seeing another man touched by God's power, got this father thinking what might be possible if these Christians visit his son.  

The next place we went where we would be delivering presents was to a restaurant where we reconnected with our wives and the women who had come from the U.S.  As soon as the waiters (almost all were Arab muslims) began to take our order, we began to minister to them.  I introduced the guys from the U.S. as "healers" and our first "customer" was an Egyptian muslim with a headache.  He was healed.  Then another muslim man came with hearing loss – we prayed twice and his hearing was restored.  Another man came who said his right ear was "blocked" and we prayed for him.  He left saying felt strange; it was "tingling".  I told him to come back when the tingling stopped but I guess he got busy because I didn't see him again.  We also prayed for an Egyptian Coptic Christian employee who suffered from allergies and the resulting congestion and breathing problems.  After prayer, he told us that everything cleared up – of course, that will take time to know what has happened with the allergies.  Having a Christian working there with these muslim men who were healed is going to be the best way for them to be followed up.  They will be directing their questions now towards one of their co-workers.  Christmas came early last night as the Kingdom visited all of these men.  May they now hear one of their friends tell them more about the King Himself.  

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  1. You know what I like most about your blog? Not only is the title Biblically sound with regards to the experiences you have continuously related since 2006 (kudos), but you seem to rightfully divide the word and submit your experiences to The Word--"non-pragmatic Charisma"