March 15, 2013

healing testimonies

Tonight a group of us gathered and everyone shared about what had happened this past week.  Here is a summary:

One Lebanese muslim man's back was healed.  Another Iranian muslim woman was healed as was an Iranian muslim man who kept asking, "but how did you know?" because his condition was revealed by a word of knowledge.  Another Gulf Arab muslim student was healed over the phone – pain left her kidney.  Also a Sri Lankan muslim woman was delivered from demonic torment in Jesus' Name.

This was all before an Egyptian muslim man came to our meeting.  He has essentially been crippled and unable to walk except with crutches for 2 years.  He received a significant measure of healing tonight – and could walk around with out the crutches and do things he hasn't been able to do in a couple of years.  He isn't completely healed, but was crying out to Jesus (a muslim!) for healing and thanking Jesus for His death on the cross and for the price He paid for his sins and his physical healing.  We'll see what happens – but if he was sincere about what he was praying tonight, we might have a baptism coming up very soon!

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