July 28, 2013

"This is what we do" - healings at the mall

Yesterday, after a time of training (where we saw a couple of healings  (back, shoulders) after words of knowledge, a group of us headed out to an outdoor mall to see what the Lord would do as we sought to just "love people".  In a little over and hour, a group of us saw many people healed.  The Lord gave us accurate words of knowledge for people and led us though other means to others.  In my little group, we saw a back healed after I asked a young woman's co-worker to lay hands on her back as I prayed.  We were able to encourage them in their faith.  In another encounter, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about a finger problem/issue.  I asked who it was for at one kiosk and one of the employees checked with her colleague and it was accurate.  We got to pray for the woman's fingers to be healed.  In another situation, there was a woman giving out free samples.  I said, "you've blessed us, we want to bless you.  My friend her is a miracle worker and can help you".  She had an issue with her leg and the young lady on my little outreach team prayed for her and she was healed.  After that I got a word of knowledge for a man selling cotton candy about his neck/shoulder.  He had the problem and let me pray.  He told me it felt much better.  Interestingly, another one of our groups had ministered to him earlier and he told me, "I am so blessed today".  One of the most significant encounters I felt was a young lady covered in tattoos and who had many body piercings.  I engaged she and her guy friend and asked if they needed any healing as I introduced myself as "a healer".  She said that she didn’t need any physical healing, but that she needed healing her heart for the pain caused by guys.  I asked her to put her hand on her heart and began to release God's love, God's healing and to prophesy a bit about what the Lord was showing me had happened to her.  When I finished, she was crying.  I was able to encourage her that many have said to her that they loved her but it was counterfeit.  I was able to share what real love was and of course its source!  Many others were healed as there was something like 8 different groups wandering around the mall.  This is just "what we do"!

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