September 12, 2013

a soccer player's quad healed after two of her teammates were healed

Here is another testimony from one of the other soccer players that was healed

Last Friday I was extremely skeptical about the whole healing process that was being explained to me. I listened intently to the speaker and genuinely was interested in what he had to say but I did not know if I could believe all that he was saying since I had not seen it with my own eyes before. When my teammates and I decided to stay after and see if a couple of our injured players could be healed, we were presented with incredible emotion.

Both my teammates Angie and Veronica had been healed and I was slowly beginning to feel the presence of God all around me. Never had I been surrounded by so many people who genuinely wanted to be a part of God's work. When it came time I finally stepped up and asked to have my right quad healed. As soon as the prayer began I felt an overwhelming amount of emotion and the pain had gone from my leg.

Even still I had been a little confused but when Rick had asked for prayer for his stutter and God answered him with an amazing gift, I was completely in awe. I was shocked and could not believe what I had just witnessed. This was honestly the most amazing moment I have experienced in my Christian life.

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