October 07, 2013

sustaining the ministry of Jesus in our lives

A question I am often asked is "How do you keep a lifestyle of miracles going"?  Many at one time or another in their Christian lives have an encounter, experience things and/or see something that they find is no longer happening 6 months or a year later – or even longer.  I am amazed as how many believers I meet who tell me about things they were "doing" (seeing people healed, having supernatural encounters, etc.) at one point but that have somehow stopped or ended.  

I am getting this question again from several different sources – in particular, from some believers who saw some powerful stuff happen over the summer and want to ensure that things continue and don't die out.

I did almost an hour podcast today to help answer that question from our own experience of having been pursuing a lifestyle of the supernatural for like 13 years now.  We aren't "changing the channel" as Bill Johnson has said.  We continue to run with a group of believers who share this "one thing" pursuit – to see God's Kingdom released in the way that Jesus modeled it and expected His disciples to as well.  

If you are interested, fire us off an email and we'll send you the link to the podcast – or you can google it - "Keeping the Fire Going" @Joel2generation

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