November 17, 2013

muslim woman healed of 3 things after initially denying something

I was out with someone who's never seen a healing.  We went into women's shop interacted with local Omani muslim woman.  Got a word of knowledge for a "back".  I asked the Omani woman if she has back pain who says "No".  Her Algerian muslim co-worker jumps in, "Yes, you do, what are you talking about"?  As we continued to talk, she begins to share about how she "sees" things in dreams that are revelatory.  She gets "overcome" with a spirit that she can't control and this causes her to sweat.  

I realized it is clearly a demonic gifting.  I then shared about my dreams.  "If I see something bad", I explained, "it is so I can prevent it and pray".  I said, "I know you are a muslim but next time you have one of these demonic encounters, you need to cry out to Jesus to help you".  She agrees. Then I  got another word of knowledge about ear pain and this time she doesn't deny it and admits that she has that problem.  I asked her to put her own hand on her ear and as I am praying, the ear becomes hot and all the pain left.  Then she said her knee hurt.  We prayed, she felt God's presence in her knee and then the pain left her knee.  Then the woman with me gets a word for upper back (her first word of knowledge) and the muslim woman's back was healed.  It was my friend first word of knowledge and first time she's seen a healing outside of a Church or meeting context.

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