November 18, 2013

When "observers" get to do more than observe

I took out an "observer" who only wanted to "watch".  We also took an Omani muslim who wanted to come along and watch God heal people.  We got a word of knowledge for "knee" for the Omani Muslim who came to watch. His knees would hurt when exercising.  He asked for prayer for a shoulder problem that hurt right then, and I said that the "observer" has a gift of healing and will bring healing.  He prayed and all pain left the muslim's shoulder!  So much for coming along to only "watch".  The first-time "observer" was so impacted by the healing.  The Omani muslim man was able to articulate Christian truths about God's love.  "Out of the mouth of babes" has a new meaning – how about "out of the mouths of the yet-to-be-born-again"?

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