July 17, 2015

Iranian Muslim man surprised by revelation

Today while having coffee with a friend, an Iranian man pulls up and parks (illegally) right next to our table.  I knew it was a Middle Easterner, but when I addressed him in Arabic he said he spoke Farsi.  I chatted with him a minute hoping that God would give me some type of word for him.  No clear word of knowledge came.  As he was about to drive away, the word of knowledge finally came for a back problem.  I signaled for him to wait as he was about to take off and he rolled his window down.  Sure enough he had a chronic back problem that had bothered him for years.  I asked if I could “read” over him and that God would heal his back.  He was open to that but unquestionably more taken back that I “knew” his problem when he hadn’t told me.  He let me pray and I gave him my contact info so he could tell me how it was in a week.  He was definitely surprised by God’s goodness towards him and that He demonstrated His love to him.

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