March 28, 2016

miracles in the mountains - they communicate EVERYWHERE!

Miracles have begun in the Alps.  Very different context than the Middle East where I live, but miracles are a “language of love” that gets EVERYONE’S attention – from Arab muslims to secular Europeans.   I introduced myself as a “healer” to a guy working in a shop and he told me the owner had a bad knee that caused him problems.  I was then introduced to the owner of the shop, a Frenchman, and he explains to me that he had had major surgery on his knee (reconstructive) and that it was in constant pain with limited mobility/flexibility.  That all changed when Jesus got involved!  I had him put his hand on his own knee and after a short prayer all the pain left.  He was shocked.  He testified to his employee that in fact all the pain had left.  Next he asked me if I do something about a back problem he had – again constant pain and limited mobility.  I prayed once having him put his hand on his own back.  Some of the pain left.  I asked if I could put my hand on his back.  He agreed and after a 2nd quick prayer ALL the pain left.  He checked it out thoroughly.  So how do I know he was REALLY touched?  Well, he asked me if I could help his wife who also had a back problem that had been constant for a couple of weeks.  I offered to pray over the phone as he was talking to her and telling her about his knee AND back miracles.  Next thing I know, she is in the shop.  She was Dutch and so I got him involved in praying for her by having him put his hand on her back.  We prayed together and all the pain left after a short prayer.  She was so appreciative and then the “Kingdom Talk” began.  They wanted to know how this was possible.  I explained that like them, I was raised not to believe in the supernatural but that that had all changed in the course of the past 20 years.  I got to share my journey into the miraculous.  It was such a great opportunity and the guys we are here with run a Christian coffee shop right next door and have a relationship with this man and his wife and so the natural follow up is already in place.  

Even as I have been reading the Gospels again during this week it is so obvious how the miraculous healings of Christ grab the attention of even the most skeptical – whether a Middle Eastern muslim or Europeans materialists.  How interesting that Jesus has NEVER changed!

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