September 09, 2016

releasing the Kingdom naturally "as you go"

For years, this blog has been about testimonies of God breaking into to the lives of the people we meet who get healed, who God speaks to through a prophetic word or something else supernatural.  Just yesterday the Lord opened three doors to minister as we were working out at a gym and then eating dinner at a restaurant.  The first was a woman with a wrist brace on.  Just asking her what had happened, opened the door for my wife to pray.  It was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which we have seen on numerous occasions.  The fact that we have seen it healed many times was shared and then she prayed.  Nothing more was discussed, but the Kingdom coming in Christ’s Name was proclaimed.  She wasn’t willing to take off the brace and check it out, but Desert Princess assured her that she would notice a change.

The next place was a restaurant where we have prayed for many of the staff through the years.  Our server was one of those women and she wanted us to pray for her mother who’s dealing with kidney failure.  We got to pray and our server was so touched that she couldn’t hold back tears.  It is truly so easy to bring and communicate God’s love and concern.  We have no idea at this point what happened in regards to the kidney issue, but it was such a blessing to be conduits of God’s concern into the daughter’s life.  

As we were leaving, another employee began sharing with us about the traumatic flight he had arriving into this muslim country.  He had only been here four months and the flight was forced to land in India along the way due to extreme turbulence.  People were injured.  It was his very first time on a plane.  He was traumatized still and could hardly share about the experience.  We asked if we could pray to break off the effect and impact of that trauma and he welcomed that.  We prayed and took authority over that experience and saw God’s Kingdom come upon him.  He testified that he “felt different” after the prayer.  He also asked us to pray for the way they are exploited (working more hours than they are contractually obligated to without being paid overtime).  We did and he was so appreciative as we left.

Releasing Christ’s Kingdom is our privilege wherever we go into any and all situations that we know Christ wants to and can impact.  I challenge you to live your life today with this same intentionality and “as you go” be Christ to the people who you meet – do so naturally.

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