January 14, 2017

muslims healed on a plane

This isn’t my testimony, but one of the guys who has visited us and who I mentor a bit shared an incredible testimony of an Emirati muslim man who was healed radically during a flight 2 days ago (a wrist injury) - he got to share with the man a bunch about Jesus and then the man started testifying to the flight crew.  My friend got to pray for many of them and the Lord was healing all sorts of things.  Then one of the flight attendants said she had a muslim woman passenger in 1st class who was injured.  She went up to share with her what God was doing in the back of the plane and she wanted prayer.  My friend went up to 1st class and ministered to this woman for more than 20 minutes.  She testified to her pain going away (she had fallen before the flight) and he got to share the Gospel with her.  Talk about an amazing flight!  So much better than the movies!

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