February 20, 2017

muslim woman healed and shocked after word of knowledge

At the end of the lecture, there were 3 muslim students still in the room when I got a distinct word of knowledge in my left arm.  I asked one of them if she had a problem there and she said no, but one of the others said that she did.  I immediately got my wife on the phone to have her pray for this young woman.  I handed the phone to my student and she was prayed for over the phone after my wife explained what she was going to do and what was going to happen.  After hearing about God's love and concern for her and the prayer closing in the Name of Jesus, my student was totally healed!  All the pain left immediately and she began to inquire what had just happened.  I told her a bit about words of knowledge and that God revealed her pain in order to heal her.  She was quite shocked (as were her friends) and had many more questions.  As they were getting on the elevator they could not stop talking about what had just happened.

I'm excited to be able to follow up tomorrow when I will have that class again.  The fact is that 3 young muslim women saw the way God revealed a problem and healed it in the Name of His Son.  

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