February 24, 2010

An evening of witnessing God’s love poured thru His healings

Yesterday evening a couple of us went into a shopping mall seeking those who the Lord intended we touch for his glory….i have yet to get the rest to share their testimonies but of what I heard it was an awesome night ..

As we entered the mall praise and me met a Filipino girl named of whom i received a word of knowledge for back problem we prayed God healed…she asked where we went for worship we found out it was the same church we go to….. we glorified God together…. a little further (now praise left me to join the main group) I saw a man from Bangladesh sweeping the floor…i asked him if a pain in his left shoulder he was surprised i asked he said yes…..i prayed ….God healed….he asked me if could get his collogue who had pain in both his legs which was going on for a year or so…. from his waist down (while this was going on couple of people started to hang around to observe what was going on) the collogue came i started praying and found out that the pain was not bulging I must have prayed at least ten times when the break thru came but now i started to feel week it was a wearied feeling i looked around for praise or any of the others but found that non….i continued to pray and the break thru healing finally came…i needed to spend some time to recover my self when another cleaner came and asked me to pray for his back….i did after six or seven times of prayer i found my self totally drained physically i started to look for the others but found non it looked like i would faint when i found my self praying in two dimensions verbally for the cleaning staff and in my mind for my self…all of a sudden out the no where the staff spoke and said that he felt the pain go it gave me a renewed since of strength to pray and i saw Gods healing breakthrough not just for him but me too

Now one of the customers who was watching me from the start called me to him and said i have been noticing you quite some time now and know that what you are doing is real….i told him that it is God who gives us a word of knowledge (and explained how it works) and when we pray God heals…he asked me to tell me his problem i told him it dint work that way God shows me people infirmities (i get to know what He shows) and He heals and it not about us but Him….he (a jordinan muslim) named bilal asks me to seek God to tell him about his infirmity…i did Holy Sprit showed me the place (it was his right shoulder) I did pray bilal was flabbergasted on what was happening and the Holy Sprit touched bilal he felt the fire of God run all thru his body…bilal is going to Jordan for a medical examination I told him don't be surprised if the doctors give you a clean chit he said after what he just saw nothing else can surprise him…he intends to meet us after he comes back form Jordan to know about this wonderful God called Juses…

By now I had a couple of the cleaning staff and their supervisor line up for prayers and the Holy Sprit healed each and every one….

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