February 24, 2010

Spreading God’s love in the streets of a Middle Eastern nation

A couple of nights ago we were out spilling Gods love around the streets of this muslim country we live in....we (my wife praise an egypatian friend  and me) were led by the Holy Sprit to a muslim man named Monsoor my wife received a word of knowledge for a chest problem in this man…..we inquired with him…  he replied that he has a chronic chest problem making it very difficult for him to breath (he had been using medication for quite some time to no effect) we got praying for him…. we did pray a couple of times each time he kept feeling better till he felt completely free we told him that it was Jesus who healed him….my Egyptian friend (who was a muslin but now a fire brand evangelist for the Lord) was more than happy to give him(spiritually and physically) the Gospal and lead him in the prayer of salvation.

Some time later I sensed a word from the Holy Sprit to enter a mobile shop. we did and we noticed two people in the Shop one the sales person and another person who looked like a muslim mullah (whose name I later learnt is abu dunia)…I was sensed that i had to go to abu dunia but I walked over to the counter and waited there….i needed confirmation that it is really the Holy Sprit that is leading me or if i were walking in my flesh… abu dunia came over to the counter i sensed the Holy Sprit give me a word for a pain in the right hand and left shoulder I asked the sales person if he had any he said no i then asked abu dunia if he had pain in his left shoulder he said yes i asked him if i could pray…. he said yes….. i did twice ….Holy Sprit touched and healed him i saw his eyes open wide …he has asked us to visit him at his residence and that he knows of people with infirmities and wanted to know if we could pray for them…. He offered money we laughed and said no the bible teaches us freely we have received freely we give….


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