May 06, 2010

Holy Spirit encounter at work the 4th May 2010.

The day started by me (praise) getting to word of knowledge for back pain I saw two office cleaning personal i asked who had pain in the back? One of them replied it was him….. so i said that i will pray for him later as I was a little busy…… later when i went into the cleaners room to pray for him… I was approached by a person who had pain in the neck for past one month and he asked me to pray…. I prayed twice, pain went away I told him its Jesus who healed u and that God loves u very much he just listen to me quietly ……. The man who had the back pain in the came to me ….I prayed twice and the pain leaves completely ….now an maintenance personal is watching me pray…..I asked him if he had any pain he says yes in the back…i prayed & the pain left. All of them who I prayed for were muslims acknowledging that when prayers are made in Jesus name supernatural things happen….

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