May 05, 2010

lost count of the healings last night

a group of 7 of us, which included a fellow "treasure hunter" from a neighboring country headed out last night to see what the Lord would do. Healings started happening almost immediately - first with an Egyptian muslim and then muslims from a number of different countries. actually as we debriefed at the end of the evening, we lost count of how many people God touched.

At one point, a muslim fundamentalist got quite angry - who wouldn't when Christians are releasing healings left and right. He was running around telling all the muslims to shun us - quite an "enforcer" - I'll never forget the look on one of those who had been healed giving me the look that said, "I'm sorry that you have to see somebody a self-righteous as he is".

Finally we went to another place, refusing to be shut down and God just picked up where He left off and healed all sorts of people - many words of knowledge were given. One Filipino women gave her life to Christ. We even had people's relatives on the phone praying for miracles on the cell phone!

I can't wait to hear everybody's stories.

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