January 15, 2011

another Kingdom "run" through a Middle Eastern mall

I guess when you live in the Middle East "malls" and "miracles" go together.

Our first stop the other day was a hotel next to the mall we were at. Great White North and I were following up on a young muslim woman who came to Christ last spring after encountering God's Kingdom in powerful ways. She no longer worked at the hotel, but I got a word of knowledge for a back problem that one of the Egyptian muslim employees had the problem and let me pray for him. The power of the Holy Spirit began to touch his back. He said it felt hot and remained hot. He told me he'd call me when the heat subsided and tell me what happened.

Next we ministered to a Filipino man in our favorite donut shop (no, we didn't buy any this time). He is scheduled for eye surgery and let us pray for him. We had prayed for him before but obviously that hadn't been effective. This time he said he felt cold in his eyes. After about 45 minutes, we came back and prayed again (this time laying hands on his eyes). I am trusting that he won't need the surgery next month. Trusting that the Great Surgeon has done His Kingdom procedure!

After this we went to buy some lunch. I offered to help any of the muslim employees (all Egyptians) if they had any pain in their bodies. I told them my friend, Great White North, was a miracle worker and could help them! At that moment, I got a word of knowledge for the man I was talking to - a back problem. He had it. GWN prayed for him. He said it felt the same. I then asked if it was an injury/accident that had caused it. It was so I asked if I could pray again. This time he felt heat in his back. I told him I would come and check in on him in the next day or so to see if he was healed. I explained that if God reveals a condition, He intends to heal that condition. This was definitely a challenge to his world view as he was shocked that we weren't muslims - funny, because muslims don't heal the sick!

Our final encounter was with another Filipino in a rock climbing shop. I got a word of knowledge for his knee condition and we prayed. He said he could feel God's presence and it wasn't hurting when he tested it out. Probably he was most surprised that God had revealed it (they often are).

We asked a number of other people if they needed prayer during our time out, but no one else said they needed prayer. Just encouraged to see God showing up in the mall once again.

Can't wait to go out in a few minutes because Desert Princess and I are heading to ANOTHER mall. I guess we'll blog what happens when we get home.

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