January 13, 2011

releasing the Kingdom in a Middle Eastern mall

last night Celtic Lion and I went to a mall to hang out and see what God would do as we made ourselves available. It has been a crazy 2011 as I have seen a radical increase in the frequency of "words of knowledge" (1 Cor 12:8) for people. It just seems that God is releasing them much more. last night was no different.

as we walked in the mall, I decided to pay my phone bill and while in line, I got a word of knowledge for a neck problem. there were 2 clerks working and the first one didn't have the problem. the second, an Arab muslim woman, did have the problem. She was busy at that time, but we came back and got to pray for her. I had her lay her hands on her neck and we prayed for her two times. Most of the pain left. She asked, "How did you do that"? Desert Princess is going to follow her up.

right after leaving the phone place, as we are passing a woman's clothing store, I get another word of knowledge for a problem in the right hand. I walked in and began to engage one of the employees. I had only seen a customer when I was walking by but decided to ask the employee first. I said it out loud so that the other woman could hear. Neither the woman who worked there or a colleague who joined us had the problem. Guess who did? The customer. An Arab muslim woman. The employees were quite nervous to help me pray for the woman because of camera surveillance, so I decided to give the woman Desert Princess' mobile number and have her contact my wife for prayer. She eagerly took her number and seemed quite interested to know more about how we "knew" she had the problem and to be healed.

After offering to pray for a couple of others, who didn't need healing for anything (or so they said), I got another word of knowledge for lower back pain on the right side. There were only 3 people in the coffee shop. It wasn't for either of the employees working the counter, so the Filipino employee went up to the only customer, a Filipino woman, and she had the problem. At this point, it was time to get the employee involved in the miracle. I asked if she would lay hands on the woman's back and I would pray. I told her that she would "feel" something happening in her hand. Guess what? As we prayed, she felt electricity in her hand and the woman's back was completely healed. I gave these woman the number of a Filipino pastor and also Desert Princess' number yet again.

A fun night at the mall! I recommend trying these things out the next time you are shopping too.

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