July 25, 2011

torn meniscus healed

this morning while working out on a stairs, a mother and her teenage daughter show up and the daughter is wearing a knee brace. I knew that I wanted to ask them to pray for her healing and as I was asking the Lord to set that up, I get a word of knowledge of exactly where the injury is, and in what knee it was (I had noticed the brace but didn't remember which leg it was on). When I asked the Lord for even more detail I felt it was the "meniscus" that was actually damaged.

sure enough it was the knee and the place/condition that the Lord had revealed. I asked if the mother would put her hand on the knee while I prayed. I spent less than a minute releasing the Kingdom - after prayer, I asked what she was feeling. She said it "feels like liquid is moving around inside". I then took the big risk and asked if she'd be willing to remove the brace (something she'd been relying on / having "faith" in) and test it out going up the stairs. She agreed. I also shared a couple of testimonies of knees that we've seen healed too! (the power of the testimony).

A few minutes later, she is climbing the entire set of stairs (239 steps!) WITHOUT her brace. I asked her as I passed her on my way down if she was feeling better - she said that she would really know on her way down. As I passed her again, the answer came, "No more pain"! Glory to God - huge healing. So encouraged.

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