July 25, 2011

a week of miracles

this has been a difficult season in the sense of not being able to keep track and record all the miracles of healing that the Lord is doing. we are honestly forgetting what has happened! good problem though.

this past week we had the privilege of hanging with some of the leading power evangelists in the nation in Colorado. it was CRAZY! we saw so many healings that we lost count.

some of the miracles we saw included legs growing out (up to 1 inch), backs & necks & knees & an elbow healed. I was arthritis pain and stiffness leave. God touched a woman's TMJ, prophetic words came in clearly (including another name!). I'm just summarizing here.

However, what struck me the most was just the LOVE - miracles flowing out of love. The entire message of the conference was just die to yourself and let love manifest to everyone around you - in this way miracles happen, but they flow from the place that God intends for them to flow from - LOVE.

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