August 21, 2011

miracles in the mountains - part 1

yesterday we headed up to join some of our friends to "spill" up in a mountain city. we headed out in two groups to simply love the people we would meet and see what God would do.

as we started out I was drawn into a tattoo shop (light just loves to shine into darkness!). I started talking with the owner(?) about Celtic crosses and told him how Egyptian Christians would often tattoo the cross on their children's wrists so that the muslims couldn't take their children and claim their were theirs! I thought I got of knowledge (for neck/shoulder) for the man but he took a phone call and I couldn't ask him.

I asked another guy who was actually a former employee of our friends who were with us and he didn't have a neck problem but did have a back of the knee problem. I told him I was a pastor and we talked a little about the Kingdom and I said, "watch this". I asked him to put his own hand on the back of his knee and prayed a quick prayer in Jesus' Name. I asked him to take his hand away and his first words were "wow"! That's always good. He was healed. Very exciting that our friends will get to follow up with this man.

Next we walked into another store where I got another word of knowledge for neck and upper back for the owner of the shop. He had chronic neck and pain and actually had to retire from his career because of this. He let me pray for him and the Holy Spirit came - I could feel something happening in his back. We don't always feel that as the people praying, but it is so fun when we do! Anyway, after prayer he began to test it out and could do stuff that he couldn't do before without pain. He let me pray one more time as there was still some pain/stiffness. After praying again he said things were really good. He was still feeling tingling in his back and I told him that when that subsided the healing would be complete. Again our friends can follow up with this man in their small town!

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