August 21, 2011

miracles in the mountains - part 3

at night we headed out again to see what the Lord would do as we reached out with His Kingdom. we went to an arcade to drop our kids off before we launched out thinking we we going to visit some bars to pray for people. while at the arcade the Lord gives me a word for a young woman who happens to have been in the youth group my friends had led. it was for a problem in the head and I felt that there was dizziness involved. she had this problem and actually a number of other health issues that we got to pray for. It was just a powerful divine appointment to minister Christ to this young woman and reconnect her with our friends.

a few of us then headed out and as we approached a bar, I got a word of knowledge for a problem in the lower right arm (below the elbow). there was a man and woman standing outside the bar and I approached them and asked. the man actually had the condition. he asked me "are you a healer?". I told him I was. He then say asked, "and you sense things?". I told him I did. Knowing he was most likely a new age guy, I told him that I had been involved in "Divine Healing" for a long time. He then said he had lots of pain but didn't want prayer. Kind of strange. We moved on.

after approaching a couple of more people and even ministering a Christian man out witnessing and handing out tracts, we headed into a fast food restaurant. I thought I had a word of knowledge and my friend approached this young couple and asked them. The first word wasn't right, but while talking to them the Lord gave me another word for the woman's knee. She had a problem. We shared a couple of testimonies of knees being healed and she let us pray. I had her put her own hand on her leg while we prayed. She actually was really touched as she held back tears. She had been involved in Church and we knew that she was away from the Lord. God sent us into that restaurant to remind her of his love and concern for her personally (a specific word o knowledge from total strangers!).

We also met with the manager and asked him to check with all of his employees to see if anyone needed prayer. Nobody took us up on our offer.

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