January 08, 2012

Gulf Arab muslim man touched by the Lord

while in an industrial area today, Isaac of Ninevah and myself both got the same word of knowledge (neck problem on the left side) for a Gulf Arab muslim man.  He let me pray for him and some of the pain left.  He wanted to know "how" we knew he had the problem.  I explained that God had revealed it to us and that as Christians we are commanded to "heal the sick".  It was getting better as our time went on.  Later another muslim friend showed up and he recounted what happened and explained that "God spoke to them about my neck problem and they prayed for me".  He used a very strong word - God "spoke" which is not something you will normally hear a muslim say.  I used a softer word when I explained it, "revealed", but he turns around and drops the strongest possible description!  Remember muslims believe that God stopped speaking!

it turns out that he has a grandson who is 4 years old and has never walked.  we are arranging a time to go and pray for his miracle.  I shared a testimony out of a trip we took to Yemen when a young muslim boy was healed who had never walked but got up and walked after prayer.

another muslim man from Iran also asked us to pray for his condition.  we are arranging a time to go and pray (I will bring a former Iranian muslim with me for that visit).


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