January 13, 2012

healings in Lebanese hospital and beyond

Today was interesting.  I had my plans and the Lord seemed to have other plans altogether.  I found myself in a Lebanese hospital visiting with friends and the Holy Spirit began to give words of knowledge and prophetic words for the staff.  I got words about neck problems and two were healed.  I had another about a headache and the woman let me pray for a headache that she suffered from every morning.  While praying for her, she began to feel the Lord's presence in her arm (I had her put her hand on her head).  She turned and began to tell the rest of the staff what was going on.  I got to prophesy over another woman.  Questions were asked about healing and I told them also that we cast out demons.  Several of them were muslims and they had many questions.  One of the muslim women I prayed for told my friend after we left that "he is a really good man".  I'm just glad she got to experience that God is good - not something muslims often experience.

at another place, I began to ask some the people there if they had certain conditions.  I thought I was getting words of knowledge, but none of them seemed accurate.  It's important that I say this because at the hospital they all seemed to be right on, but in the second place they all seemed to be wrong.  This is often the way it works!  Anyway, one woman did have an elbow problem and I had her put her hand on it and we prayed.  She was healed.  Another woman let me pray for her some dizziness she was experiencing.  She testified that she felt better.  Her son had a knee problem so I also prayed that God would impart a gift of healing to her to take to him at their home.

after all of this I was able to go and meet personally one of the most significant Christian leaders in the entire Middle East.  we talked about miracles of healing and also the casting out of demons. 

the day isn't even over yet.

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