August 23, 2012

Deaf woman healed - prophetic word given 1 year ago

Last year while ministering with Isaac of Ninevah in Texas, I gave a prophetic word to an intern in a ministry about her meeting a deaf woman.  I don't remember giving the word, and the woman I gave the word to hadn't either, but that week had been reviewing her journal so she re-read what she had written about the prophetic word I gave her.  BTW - I saw the video!  so exciting.

Here is the report I was sent about what happened:

A teacher that attends our church received a prophecy that she would encounter a deaf woman and she would be healed. Friday night of the conference weekend she was in the parking lot about to walk In for the service and a African American woman was in the parking lot and asked her for money for a child she has that is sick. The woman was wearing a badge around her neck that stated she was deaf and what the money was for. The church member invited this woman upstairs for prayer. They asked her to remove her hearing aids but she was deaf. The man ministering that night was there and they laid hands on this woman and her ears opened up. She said they popped. There was a woman there who knew sign language and was translating with the healed woman. She was laughing and smiling that she could hear! It's all on video.

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