August 23, 2012

Taking a friend out to see God move - his follow-up letter

I had the chance of taking a friend out who is from a Church background that doesn't emphasize the miraculous.  He wanted to "see" for himself what I had talked about.  We scheduled a time to go out and here is what he wrote back to me after our 1 1/2 hours together.

"Thanks for sharing with me how you spread God's love around.  I will share my experience with the other guys and what I learned:  Your unique gift of sensitivity to God's leading [Heb 5:14] and  your sensitivity to the people you contacted, how you connect with them, how you give them their “space”, how you listen, and how you keep the encounter and prayer short but to the point.  I jotted down for my own future recall---evidence of God’s awesome ability to use you [and maybe me sometime in the future]—the following contacts you made---
·        Your follow up regarding the store manager’s leg from two years ago
·        Esther with her jaw and her boyfriend’s leg (two words of knowledge)
·        Anna and the headache on top of her head (a word of knowledge)
·        The lady in the walking cast
·        The guy in the game store with his back/neck ailment (words of knowledge)
·        And the Israel kick boxer with aches in his arm and leg

I was totally in awe of how God gave you specific messages about specific ailments in these individuals.  Thanks for sharing God’s gift to you of touching others with his love.  I did not write down the short prayers you cited and would appreciate it if you might summarize two or three for me and e-mail them to me.
And, thanks for the book!  I look forward to reading it because I need to grasp, believe, and claim more of God’s power and miracles.
Blessings, my Brother!!!"

VERY ENCOURAGING time together.

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  1. Love this. God is so powerful and always wanting to show up.