October 18, 2012

muslim student's elbow healed

while walking into work, I noticed a muslim university student with wrapped elbow and wrist (what we call a "visual word of knowledge").  I stopped him and asked what happened.  He had injured it the day before playing volleyball and so I switched into Arabic and asked, "Can I read over you and God will heal you"? (which is the way a muslim would understand it).  He agreed.  For the first prayer, I had him put his own hand upon the elbow and prayed releasing the Kingdom in Jesus' Name.  The pain decreased but was still there.  I then asked him to give me his elbow and as I gently put my hands on the bandage I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit and prayed again.  This time the pain left and he was very thankful.  I look forward to seeing him again to discuss further what Jesus did to his elbow.  He and his girlfriend walked away with a lot to think about!

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