October 18, 2012

So challenged

Today I received such an encouraging email (and such a challenging one), that I had to share it.

Over the summer I led a couple of outreaches and affectionately called them "Love Invasions". A friend of a friend had been following our blog and listening to our podcasts for a while and decided that he wanted to "come and see" as he hadn't seen a lot of Kingdom healing even though he'd stepped out. EVERYTHING changed in the wake of the outreach. I think he was encouraged during the outreach - saw some healing, heard a lot of testimonies, but what he has done and entered into in the wake of that time back in July is what is so radical.

Today I received below email from him - I am sharing this because it is so amazing when someone "catches" the Kingdom vision and walks in it. Many even "taste and see", seem to catch a vision but for a variety of reasons don't seem to WALK IN IT. Jesus was pretty clear and James echoes His teaching that it is being "doers of the Word" that really counts (see Matt. 7:24 and James 1:22).

I was so challenged by the email, I just without hesitation approached a muslim university student where I work this morning with a bandaged elbow and saw God heal him. Thank you Eric for fanning my flame today and spurring me on to love and good deeds.

Here's a summary of the email:

- Still been trying to heal folks every day - all of the days since I was [with you] in July, I've either prayed, or tried to pray, for someone hurting or sick. Sometimes I have the wife do the prayin'.

- Loving people actively each day - whether that's through healing or other means - is becoming a lifestyle thing for me.

- I ordered the Father of Lights Deluxe Edition DVD this week. Can't wait to watch it.

- Dan Mohler and Todd White podcasts have completely changed me - their teaching on discouragement and offense is supreme in my mind, as it relates to identity. We've seen much fruit from it in ourselves and our closest friends.

- We've found some other folks in [our area] that go out and pray for healing - two college students (both age 19!). We had breakfast with them, it was so encouraging.

- I think the Spirit is wanting me to organize a group of healers within [our city] - so that if one of us is going to an event or just hittin' the mall to minister, they can offer an invitation out to all those that pray for healing in the area to come with. As of now, I know of at least 8 people from 3-4 different fellowships/backgrounds that would be happy to come be a part.


  1. Craig AdamsOctober 20, 2012

    Woo Hoo!
    "The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman hid in three measures of fine meal until it was all leavened."

  2. I know Eric. He's a friend of mine. He's definitely very excited about the time he spent with you.