November 13, 2012

Arabia trip - follow up!

One of the Omani muslims who was healed when we were there has contacted me a couple of times since we left.  Last night I was able to talk with him and after the small talk asks if I can help him with a curse and demonic problem.  He wanted to know when I would be back in Oman to help him, but instead I told him I had a friend in Oman who could help him immediately.  He was thrilled and very thankful. I was able to make arrangements for a couple of friends to visit him which will happen in the next few days.

We saw many healed in Oman – many were given accurate prophetic words and/or other words of knowledge – several had encounters with God and saw visions.  We sowed widely and it appears with one of these men, we are beginning to see the fruit of that sowing.  I'll be sure to blog the results of that meeting and the others who are being followed up as well.

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