November 16, 2012

muslim healed and tells me his sister became a Christian when she was healed

For someone who is regularly praying for muslims to be healed, I had an encounter that was one of the most encouraging encounters ever!

I walked up to a muslim man when I noticed one had an elbow brace on.  His Gulf Arab muslim friend joined us.  He had injured his arm lifting weights and he was in pain.  

I told him I wanted to ask God to heal him and asked him to put his other arm on his elbow.  He did and I prayed the Lord's prayer in Arabic and asking the Lord to stretch forth His hand to heal.  I asked him to take his hand away and all he could do was stare at his friend in shock exclaiming "I swear to God" over and over as he declared that he was healed.  

Then one of the most shocking things I've ever heard as he tells his friend, "My sister became a Christian when this (healing) happened to her"!!  Talk about having someone to follow up with this man.  His muslim friend was also visibly shocked by both his healing and the revelation that his sister had left Islam after being healed in Jesus' Name.

He asked me for my phone number as I left.

Note: What I didn't know was at the very same time I was ministering to this man, my wife who was close by got a distinct word of knowledge in her right arm and elbow which was exactly what the Lord was healing!  She didn't know who the word was for until I returned to tell her what had happened.


  1. Glory to God! This is most encouraging!

  2. These stories are very encouraging. I have enough amazing stories that my faith ought to be as high as a skyscraper ... but sadly, it's not. Hearing these things is very encouraging.

    Would you consider adding some sort of "like"/Google + or some type of share button to your posts? There's a lot of times I just want to say "amen" or "great" to some of your posts, and that would provide a way to do it without flooding you with one word comments.

    Also, I assume that since you're writing a blog, you're trying to share these things and encourage us. A share button might prompt people to give a link at Facebook or Twitter or something, and others might then read your blog and look at Christianity as real and powerful rather than as a list of theological assertions.

    I'm sure adding those things would just take adjusting an option in blogspot.