January 26, 2013

Muslim woman says, "I know that ONLY Christians can heal people"

This is a testimony shared last night from one of our community - "I went to the clinic on Sunday, January 20 to get my sick leave paper signed. After seeing the doctor, I had to go to the pharmacy to get the medicine that the doctor prescribed to me. When I got to the Pharmacy area, I had to wait in a queue with 10 to 15 people standing in front of me. as I was waiting for my turn to come, an old lady who I believe was in her late 60s/early 70s tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to let her know when my turn was over because she could stand for long as she had bad knees. I said "ok" and I looked away from her. then I thought to myself, "Did she just say that she had a knee condition?" I immediately left the queue and sat down beside her and asked her why her knees were hurting; if she had fallen down or hurt her knees in a way or the other. "No", she said. "I have bad knees because I'm old." I told her that just because she was old she doesn't have to have bad knees. then I leaned towards her and whispered in ears "I'm a healer, I know how to take your pain away." As soon as I said that, she looked in astonishment and asked "Are you a Christian?" "Yes", I said. "I'm going to ask God to take away your pain". then she said, "but I'm a Muslim, can He still do that?" I said "Yes, He loves you and he doesn't want to see you in pain." when I said that, she grabbed my hand and put it on her knee and said "Go ahead, please pray for me. I know that ONLY Christians can heal people." I commanded the pain to leave and released strength over her knees and asked her what she was feeling. she said that she felt something but she couldn't explain it. I told her that it was Holy Spirit healing her knees. I could tell that she was touched by God's love because she kept telling me "You are like my daughter, you are like my daughter, please remember me in your prayers". she stood up, thanked me, got her medicine and left the clinic.

A few minutes later as I was leaving the clinic, I saw her struggling to get down the stairs. I asked where she was going and if I could walk her to that place. she said yes and held my hand and we walked together. as we were walking she asked me "Do you know Isaa?" I answered "Yes I know Jesus". she said, "You call him Jesus but I call him Isaa, I know that Isaa sent you here for me." I said "Yes He did because He loves you." she said "You don't know me but came down sat beside me and prayed for me and now you are walking me to the supermarket. I know that Jesus sent you to help me." she then told me a testimony of her hindu friend becoming a christian.

Her friend is from India, when she was in this Gulf country 2 years ago, someone did witchcraft over her and cursed her with a sickness that deformed her face. she went to different doctors to get treatment but no one knew how to heal her. then someone told her that Christians heal people and that she had to go to a church or meet with a Christian to be healed. she went to the Catholic Church and kneeled down before a statue of Jesus and cried out for help. when she did that Jesus appeared, toucher her face and she was instantly healed. She ran to the priest and told him what had just happened to her. at first the priest did not believe her but she insisted that what she was real. He told her that Jesus wanted her to give her life to him. she gave her life to Jesus and has been following him since that day. Praise God!!!!

After telling me the testimony, she hugged me and said "ONLY Christians heal; ONLY Jesus heals. I don't know you but I know that you are here with me because of Jesus." I said "Yes, I don't know you but I know Jesus and Jesus knows you and He loves you!!" she was so blessed by God's Love.

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  1. YEAHHH LOOORRDDDD! COME ON! So encouraging. God's just doing more and more! WOOOOO!