January 26, 2013

Syrian & Filipino muslims healed

While out today at a Middle Eastern mall, we entered a clothing store and began talking to a Syrian muslim man who worked there.  I had a word of knowledge for a back problem but he didn't have it.  I explained why I was asking and he was interested in how I prayed for the sick.  I shared the Lord's prayer with him and then while talking I got another word of knowledge about a neck problem.  He had pain in the exact spot.  He put his hand on the area, I prayed in Arabic and he was healed.  At that point he asked for my phone number.  I told him that when he found whoever had the back problem could call me and I'd pray with them over the phone.  This encounter illustrates a principle we call "tracing the call".  If  we can engage somebody for a while, the likelihood of getting a word of knowledge or prophetic word for them increases.  As I was talking with the Syrian man, I then got the 2nd word of knowledge which got his attention.  He also knows now who he can call if he, or anybody else needs healing prayer.

In another shop I got a word of knowledge for some type of eye pain or a headache.  One of the employees, a Filipino muslim, had a headache.  I had one of the Christian Filipino employees lay hands on her and I prayed.  After praying once it was better and we prayed one more time and the woman said it was gone.  Then the Christian woman also wanted prayer for her and her husband to conceive.  I called my wife and let Desert Princess pray with her over the phone.  We look forward to hearing what the Lord will do for them!

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