September 01, 2013

a powerful testimony from Ireland

One of our hosts in Ireland just sent this testimony.  powerful stuff!

My sister was brain damaged at birth, she is now 50 and has been institutionalized for the last 30 years. As I visited her recently and sat and talked with her she started to stop me talking and asked “Declan do you hear that voice”, I kind of ignored her as many who are in the facility with her talk all the time and have conversation with themselves. This happened a few times and I said no I don’t hear anything and there were no other people in the building at the time, I was in a private room with my sister, she started to cry and became very upset as she could hear this voice yell obscenities at her. I said I had enough in my head and asked her if I could pray with her, I asked her if she wanted me to make the voice go away and she said please and how could I do that. I told her in child language about Jesus and about the power in His blood. So in a state of trembling as I had never done such a thing before, I prayed and commanded the voice to leave in the name of Jesus. My sister was amazed and asked instantly how did I do that. I was shocked, (can you believe it, here is me a Christian shocked because the Holy Spirit acted. 15 minutes later the voice came back. I pondered and then talked with her more and I felt I should tell her how to speak to the voice in Jesus name and command it to go. So I did so and we both told the voice to go in Jesus name and guess what it did. Now yes it came back in 10 minutes or so. This time my sister did as I has shown her and the voice went. I told her that if the voice comes back always do the same thing. Lastly I asked her would she like to receive Jesus and have him live with her in her heart and that Jesus on the inside would protect her, she said yes so I led my sister in a prayer to receive Jesus as her Lord. This blew me away, in 27 years as a Christian I had never once thought of asking my sister such a thing. Thanks for modeling for me and fathering me in Love. If Jesus was with my sister that day He would have done likewise.

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