September 01, 2013

Irish testimony - hand healed

Another testimony from one of hosts in Ireland:

On Monday morning before I left my house for work, I prayed a new prayer I had never prayed before, I prayed the I could display the “Reality” of God to all I would meet during the day. When I got to work one of the girls in an office was back in work having been out due to an accident in her house. Her hand was stitched and in much pain (pain = 8/10) and was throbbing and unable to move whatsoever (stiffness = 10/10). She did not know I was a Christian and was shocked when I said to her “could I release the healing of Jesus over her hand”. Got her to lay hands on herself as I remembered what DJ said. I spoke over her hand in the manner which you would do and 10 seconds later I asked her check it out. She started asking me what did I do to her, wanted to know what was going on. She said there was heat and she looked startled. She then said the pain was much less, she then started to move her index finger only, I started to laugh. I then asked her to do something more she could not do. Then her other 3 finger started to move. I prayed again and asked her to check again. All she could say is “Declan what are you doing to me”, I laughed and said I was doing nothing but that Jesus was doing everything. She then started to move her thumb, now the whole hand was moving. She then said she could not hold anything since the accident. I gave her a paper punch and she held it and looked on in amazement. She then said she could not write, I gave her a pen and she held it and laughed. I then shoved paper under her and she began to write her name, the first attempt was bad, but after the fifth attempt it was perfect writing, her signature. She was blown away and to be honest so was I. I am really looking forward to catching up this Friday and seeing if she told any of the rest of them in the office. This is a first for me in a public place and it was awesome, God is fantastic and His love for people way out passes anything I previously knew, I am really excited as I see the kingdom unfold from my hands. It is just an amazing place to be so close to a move of God.

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  1. "I laughed and said I was doing nothing but that Jesus was doing everything." That is a good attitude!