February 23, 2015

muslim man's torn hamstring healed

My wife told me to have my eye out for one of the Arab muslim men that I have played soccer with as she saw him limping with a cane.  I told her I would look out for him and sure enough I found him a day or two later walking by my car and I stopped him and asked what had happened.  He explained that he had torn his hamstring in a soccer match and I offered to pray for him that God would heal him.  He agree and I prayed the Lord’s Prayer over him in Arabic and personalized it a bit for his particular injury. I prayed clearly in the Name of Jesus.  I told him to tell me after the weekend how it was.  

On the first day of the work week, I saw him walking out of a building with NO CANE and not limping.  From a distance, I called out to him and asked him how it was, pointing to his leg.  When he saw me, he stopped and turned in my direction shaking his hand and his head as in disbelief.  As I approached him, he asks immediately, “What did you do to me”?  He wanted to know what I prayed and where I had gotten the prayer.  He told me that his entire family wanted to know how the healing happened and what exactly I had prayed!!

Muslims are accustomed to memorizing prayers for every conceivable situation.  He wanted to know if I could send him the prayer.  I told him that I would be happy to and he gave me his phone number.  I not only sent him the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic out of Matthew, but quite a bit more of the passage as it relates to prayer in general.  I know he has received it and most certainly has shared it with his family.

This will be a huge door of opportunity as I follow up with this man.  God is so good and His Kingdom is coming each and every time we pray!

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