March 23, 2016

healed muslim calls back for friend who needs healing

The first man who was healed the other day, a Jordanian muslim, called me back tonight to tell me he was still healed of the neck problem that the Lord touched a couple of days ago.  He had a Filipino colleague who needed healing and put her on the phone – she has been constantly dizzy for 8 months, she had irritation in her eyes and she felt a heaviness, choking sensation in her neck.  First of all, I was getting a word of knowledge for her eyes and so I felt the Lord wanted me to start with that.  I asked her to put her hands on her eyes, prayed a quick prayer and immediately the sensation I was feeling ended and I told her that her eyes should be fine.  They were irritation-free!  Next I prayed for the dizziness. Almost a year of constantly feeling dizzy.  I went after that and took a spiritual warfare posture just coming against any afflicting spirits.  After prayer, for the first time in 10 months she was not dizzy.  Finally, I prayed for the choking, heaviness in her throat that she told me started at the birth of her son.  I shut any doors and took authority over the condition.  After prayer she felt normal.  I told her that when she went to bed tonight to thank Jesus because it was Him “healing every disease and sickness" (Matt 9:35) that she had!

For follow up, I have asked her to call my wife in 3 or 4 days to testify as to how things are going.  If any of the conditions return, I told her that my wife would be able to help her again and then to instruct her how to keep her freedom from the afflictions going forward.  

I love it when muslims who Jesus has healed, start referring their friends!

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