March 20, 2016

several muslims healed

Tonight a couple of us had about an hour to “spill” in a Middle Eastern mall.  One of the guys visiting from a neighboring muslim country wanted to get a feel for how we release the Kingdom in this nation.  We walked into a Nike Store and I got a word of knowledge for a shoulder problem.  It was wrong.  But the muslim man I asked said he had a neck problem that had been bothering him constantly for 3 days.  I asked him to put his hand on his neck, prayed the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic and he was healed!  He was also pretty shocked.  But that wasn’t all.  During my prayer for him, I got a right word of knowledge for an ear problem in his left ear.  He let me pray for that and he was healed of that as well.  I gave him my number and told him to call me in a week.  One I get to see how he is, and also to follow up and share with him more about the Kingdom.  He was asking me “how” after both of his healings.  I really felt it was time to move on and will be excited to see where things go when he calls me back.  We went into another shop and I asked about another word of knowledge for a problem in the middle of the back.  Again, I was wrong.  BUT, the muslim woman (a Filipino muslim woman who may have even been a convert to Islam).  She had a hip problem that wasn’t bothering her at the time, but I asked if I could pray anyway.  I asked her to put her hand on the affected area.  I prayed and the Spirit began to touch her hip as she said she could feel something happening.  This went on for a while because ANOTHER muslim, the manager, from the Nike Shop came in because he too needed healing.  He had heard the testimony of his co-worker and came to see what could happen.  I prayed for his hip which bothered him constantly, and was bothering him at the time and the Lord took away all the pain.  I will follow up with all of them.  God is Good and His Kingdom is EVER-expanding!

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