March 03, 2010

muslim women receive prayer after words of knowledge

last night I was going back to follow up a bit with the muslim man whose deaf ear had opened two weeks ago. I had had an appointment to meet a couple of his friends a few nights ago, and they didn't show up. (It ended up that the only man with my phone number was sick that night).

when I walked into the office, there were two Egyptian muslim women in the office - almost immediately the Lord gave me a couple of words of knowledge (1 Cor 12:8) - a stomach problem on the left side, and emotional deadness. I just boldly asked them. One had one of the problems and the other (a more religious muslim) had the other. There was some initial resistance from her, but eventually the testimony of my other muslim friend (who told her about the deaf ear) made her a bit more open for prayer. I told her that my friend and his wife would come (they were downstairs with our blind friend).

they came and prayed for this woman and the Lord began to touch her - as first, the was resistant. BUT, the Kingdom of God is NOT a matter of words as Paul writes. God's love began to touch her and by the end of the time, she said that "joy was returning" to her.

God wants to heal all kinds of pain - an emotionally numb muslim woman begins to feel "joy return" as a complete stranger prays for her to feel His love.

The Lord is doing something with a whole group of muslims now - several of them will come to our next encounter God meeting at my home. Pray for His Kingdom to KEEP COMING!

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