March 06, 2010

partnering with words of knowledge and healing

yesterday morning, we were going to have to leave Church early so we wouldn't be around for the ministry time. one of the ministry team asked me to "write down any words you get". I took a few minutes and dialed down to see what the Lord would say. I wrote down a few words. One of them was about a right eye with pain on the far right side.

last night when we were meeting, I learned that the man with this particular problem came to the ministry time. He had the exact problem - and some vision loss I understand. The team prayed for him and by the time he left he testified that the problem was 60% better.

I'm looking forward to meeting this man next week so we can pray again and see the Lord finish the work He began.

I am reminded of Paul's words, "one plants, another waters BUT God causes the growth". It is great to partner in the things of the Kingdom!

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