March 07, 2010

On a mission with the Holy Sprit

We have arrived in a meditation country 2 days ago which God opened for us to go on a mission….and we have been having a amazing time since we took off first of all the pilot was a believer who we know is being used by God in a very mighty way in His vineyard ……second on landing the immigration officer in charge a muslim wouldn't let us thru…it was only when he had a telephonic conversation with our local contact....Triump Mercy lebanon... we were released….not till we prayed for the lady a muslim who was also there in his office for whom i received a word of knowledge from the Holy Sprit for a pain in the right wrist which turned out that she had a surgery recently ….after prayers she felt no pain….next we prayed for the immigration officer in charge who had a headache who also was healed by the Holy Sprit…next on being released my wife was led to an immigration official with a word of knowledge for headache who also was touched by the Holy Sprit…she began to look at my wife and asked what kind of magic is this …to which my wife told her that it wasn't about her but it was Jesus that healed her….

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