March 16, 2011

another trip with miracles - part 1

a quick trip to Lebanon this past weekend allowed me to participate in more miraculous healings a number of which were with muslims. while waiting out a storm and unable to ski, I got to pray for a muslim man who's back was mostly healed. he testified to his other friend that is was about 75% better after prayer. the weather didn't clear, so I went to a ski shop and kind of "switched" from skiing mode to praying for the sick mode. the day turned out really well when I made that shift!

first of all a man's headache was healed. then as I was praying for another man, he asked me about how God speaks. I began to tell him when a couple of muslim customers walked in and he went to tend to them. I got a word of knowledge for the muslim couple - one of them had a neck and shoulder problem on the right side. I walked over, interrupted and explained that God had "just spoken" and asked who had the problem. The wife did. They were living in Saudi Arabia! I had the husband lay his hand on his wife's neck and I prayed. She was healed!

After that I prayed for another muslim man's knee condition, but didn't seem to get breakthrough. I went over to the shop where he worked to follow up a while later and another young man, a Christian Arab, asked me to pray for him. I asked him "what's wrong"? He wasn't going to tell me - he wanted the Lord to show me! I love it when somebody asks us to "step it up"!! The Lord showed me that he had some problems in his legs. He let me pray and began to have an encounter with God. He described it as feeling "so light he thought he would fly". That's pretty cool. I asked him to call/text me to tell me what happened because even as I left, he was still experiencing God' presence.

At this point, I left the mountains to head to another place to pray for the sick and see what God would do miraculously. That will be the next post.

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