March 17, 2011

an unbelievable "deposit" in Lebanon

the trip to Lebanon was amazing, but the most incredible part was to hear a follow-up story about a group of guys we met over a month ago in a restaurant. a large group of us had dinner there and it turned into a bit of a miracle service. it is hard to say how many were healed/touched, but conservatively we saw 10 miracles in about an hour and a 1/2.

one of the guys asked for us to "write down" one of our prayers. he did in Arabic and included a salvation (surrender your life to Jesus) clause before a short healing prayer. he left it. what we have subsequently learned is that "this prayer" is being used OFTEN. in fact, these employees will gather around of their colleagues who is sick or has pain and all lay hands on the person and pray. what's been happening? well, they are getting healed!!!

these guys only saw us model Kingdom ministry for about 1 hour. they got a little prayer written on a napkin. and to use their own words of description - they have developed their own "culture of healing". I was so, so encouraged to hear this.

I think of people who we have cast a vision for Kingdom ministry (sometimes over a period of years). we've given books, preached, modeled, etc. and some still haven't "gone and done likewise". This group of mostly nominal Christians (which of course has changed!) caught the supernatural lifestyle in a little over and hour of watching us release it and our now running with it with the sum total of a prayer on a restaurant napkin and a phone number to call one of the guys from our "dream team" for counsel from time to time. This has to be the most unprecedented story of impartation and equipping that I have ever heard.

We are living in INCREDIBLE days of acceleration!

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