May 30, 2011

an afternoon of miracles and an evening of encounter (part 1)

this past weekend we saw the Lord move in miraculous ways. first of all a team of us were invited to minister in a healing service. there were a number of different nationalities present and the Lord began reveal different conditions, even for specific people. first the Lord highlighted one of the Africans in the worship band and gave a word of knowledge for the back of the head and neck. she had that problem. she was healed. there were a number of other words that the Lord gave us - right shoulder, right wrist, left calf and stomach pain in the lower left abdomen. Each of these conditions were healed. one man had a chronic condition for 20 years that the Lord healed after he responded to a word of knowledge.

Also, people came forward for others conditions that were unrelated and many of them were healed as well. by the end of the meeting, many were touched as God took pain out of people's bodies.

probably the most encouraging thing was that it was a "team effort". we would get a different person involved in praying for healing each time. not only from our team but also with people in the meeting. we had one healing where a four year-old boy prayed for a seven year-old girl and she was healed.

then came our evening of encounter...

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